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Types of Transformers

  • Isolation Transformers
  • Auto
  • Filter Chokes
  • High Voltage
  • Low Voltage
  • High Amperage
  • Dry Type AD
  • Type BD
  • Phase Changer
Electrical Transformers
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Specialty Transformers

Here at AC transformer Corp., we are especially equipped to furnish our customers with specialty custom transformers at the lowest possible prices. These serve applications where transformers of standard capacities and voltages would be either inefficient or uneconomical. Custom engineering and manufacturing facilities, together with large stocks of raw material and standardized component parts, permit prompt attention to all inquires and fast delivery on all types and sizes of special transformers.

If you have a transformer problem, mail or fax us your requirements or specifications and we'll be glad to recommend or quote on a transformer that will suit your needs.

Large new 150KVA transformer for printing press
Large new 150KVA transformer for printing press
Large new 150KVA transformer for printing press
Smaller new transformer
Smaller new transformer
Smaller new transfomer

Our transformers are used for the following purposes:
· Heating
· Power
· Electronic
· Reactor
· High & Low Voltage
· Electric Furnace
· Welding
· Phase Changing
· Controlling
· Lighting
· Testing
· Rectifier

REMEMBER, AC Transformer can handle your order, for any size transformer, be it large or small!  

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