Manufacturing & Engineering of Power Transformers

Dry type, air cooled transformers and auto-transformers manufactured by AC Transformer Corp. have been designed to incorporate modern, progressive features. They are easy to install, light in weight and small in size. They are ideal for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications where oil cooled equipment is not suitable. They may be used indoors and do not require fireproof vaults or other protection against fire. They may be mounted in any convenient location, such as walls, posts or overhead platforms. Each transformer has a built in wiring compartment for connections, and conduit connectors are made directly to the transformer case through convenient knockouts, which are provided.

AC dry type transformers require no maintenance. Once installed, they require practically no attention, and they will seldom, if ever, cause trouble. Class H material is used throughout in the large transformers- 1KVA or over. Therefore, they are long lived; they can stand higher temperatures longer and thus they are not subject to damage by overloads. Further, they offer maximum resistance to moisture and will not rot or mildew. If not abused they should last indefinitely.

All ratings of AC dry type transformers and auto transformers are designed in accordance with standards of the A.I.E.E., A.S.A, and N.E.M.A.
Our Shop:
1. Sheet metal equipment
2. Cutting any size
3. Any material
4. Different painting
5. Any color or paint
We have been around since 1949, and have a workforce with an average of 30 years experience.

A. We have our own sheet metal equipment, 25 ton 14 gauge sheer.

B. 48 inch finger brake, 25 KVA spot welder with 30 inch throat, thus enabling us to make cases of any size or shape to your specifications.

C. We can make it out of different material, cold rolled steel and stainless steel.

D & E. We have our own paint department, so any color can be painted.