Manufacturing & Engineering of Power Transformers

How high efficiency transformers can save money:

Most standard transformers are designed to be manufactured inexpensively. When designed in this manner, they sacrifice efficiency for cost. Typically they are 95% efficient, under 7.5 KVA they are only 92% efficient.

Our transformers are designed more efficiently, ours are 97.5% efficient. The 3% to 6% difference does not sound like much, but it adds up over time.

As an example:
- Standard 150 KVA transformer running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 95% efficiency.
- Our transformer runs at 97.5%, the difference is 2.5% in extra losses, which equals 4.5 amps. 4.5 amps x 480V equals 2.16 K/W per hour. At the price of electricity, approximately .10 per K/W hour, this equals 21.6 cents per hour.
$5.18 per day / $36.26 per week / $145.04 per month / $1740.48 per year

Standard 150 KVA transformer approximately $1900. Our high efficiency transformer would be $2800, the difference is $900. Payback period for high efficiency transformer is 7 months.